19 September 2009

Musicka Mystica Maxima Festival

I think I found my dream gig- the Musicka Mystica Maxima Festival. It's being put on under the auspices of the OTO, and features people like John Zorn, Genesis P-Orridge (I still have my slowly decomposing Throbbing Gristle T-shirt, I won't lie), Nautical Almanac (!!!), a few others... I can't imagine a better crowd for hypersigilistic music, and a festival with rituals?! Please. Burning Man's got 'em, sure, but, to be honest, my peacock feather cape's at the cleaner's and my crotchless leather kilt's too small. Wish I woulda found out about it earlier, I would've loved to be there. Gotta keep my eyes peeled in case there's another.

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