08 September 2009

Bandoneon Blues...es...

Why the fuck is a bandoneon so hard to find for purchase? and how the hell can a concertina-like instrument with paper bellows cost more than a full-size, black-laquer-&-pearl sitar with a resonator? Just sayin'.


  1. Lets be honest, I don't know what either of those things are. But I know trying to buy things online often baffles me as I can attest to the fact that things online that should be cheaper than they are are often not and I don't get it. It's like brain karate, and I just lose every time.

  2. A bandoneon is a kind of accordion that gets used alot in stuff like tango and South American music. A sitar's, well, it's a buzzy stringed Indian instrument. Somehow, though, the bandoneon costs about a grand, while the sitar costs about $400 bucks... seems backwards somehow :)


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