27 August 2009

Make your own ghost

This is kind of a fascinating article, even if it is on about.com (link through title). This seems very similar to invoking a god-form, and is pretty similar to techniques I employ in magickal workings- I don't believe in a literal, sentient deity, but I do believe that the mind is a very powerful tool that can change its environment with the right mindset and with properly focused intent. Thus, I believe that anything can be invoked, essentially; a god-form is an archetypical template (hence the reason for the mixing of pantheons employed in working- each pantheon is a mixture of archetypes that correspond cross-culturally), and can be anything. While I tend to invoke more traditional god-forms (on the occasions I invoke anything, which can be described as, "occasionally, but not all that often"), it makes sense that one could conjure Daffy Duck or Superman, if one so chose. The possibilities, as with anything, are limitless. I recommend "Pop Magic!" by Grant Morrison as a good starting point- it might have a lot of hype surrounding it and I don't endorse everything in it, but there are some good ideas and information contained in it. It's important to remember, however, that reading books is no substitute for actually practicing magick. Learn what you can, and take necessary precautions, but dig in and do it- book knowledge is no substitute for experience and practice.

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